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Discover Automotive Excellence in Our New Chrysler, Dodge, Jeep, Ram, and Ford Inventory


You'll see a lot of dealerships try to suggest that a given class of vehicle is somehow perfect for everyone, and while that can be true, that's not always the case. If budget and pure practicality are left out of the mix, then finding a one-size-fits-all vehicle just won't cut it. Let's all be honest here - Wisconsin is a diverse place as far as sensibilities, lifestyles, and careers go. We're proud of our melting pot here, but it does make for a challenge when it comes to the art of perfection for everyone. However, when it comes to vehicles, we've found a way. At Summit Automotive, we stock a diverse range of models at our Chrysler, Dodge, Jeep, Ram, and Ford dealership.




The name Chrysler just oozes class and luxury, and they've absolutely earned that pedigree over the years. When someone mentions their new Chrysler, without even seeing it or knowing which of the multitude of Chrysler products it may be, we defy you to say you don't feel a twinge of envy and affable admiration. That's the power of the Chrysler name, and having set the bar for a long time for luxury interiors, staggering beauty of form and engineering, the latest in safety and comfortable trim packages, Chrysler ownership is a thing to be proud of, to aspire to. We don't believe you have to be independently wealthy to enjoy this quality, and neither does Chrysler. You'll be surprised just how affordable this quality and prestige can actually be when you visit our Chrysler dealership in Wisconsin.




Dodge is something of an American icon, synonymous with practicality, accessibility and durability. Dodge produces a wide range of vehicle types, though their performance cars and SUVs are probably the first things that come to mind. For the hard-working, average person, Dodge is the closest thing to perfection you can get. With excellent gas mileage, top-of-the-line safety features, and remarkably comfortable interiors with the latest in technologies, Dodge is perfect for work, for family life, or for a leisurely road trip across this beautiful country we all proudly call home. Dodge is America. Find your favorite car, minivan, or SUV at our Wisconsin Dodge dealership.




Jeep is another of those brands that evokes a certain sentiment when mentioned or seen. There are a lot of Jeeps on the road because these vehicles stay ready for adventure. When we think of Jeep, we think of adventure, of enjoying the beauty of nature, and just plain fun. These are all accurate associations, but Jeep isn't just great for off-roading or camping, Jeep is an excellent vehicle to depend on for daily life. With a rugged design, excellent handling and suspension, and all-wheel drive standard in many models, Jeep is a safe, powerful and dependable brand you can be proud to own. Jeep's interior trim packages and creature comforts are also excellent. Enjoy true luxury, with beautiful upholstery and accents, excellent leg room, and all those technology packages for safety and entertainment we demand in this tech-centric century. Summit Automotive proudly serves as your local Jeep dealer.




When you hear the words "pickup truck," it's almost certain that Ram is one of the first brands that comes to mind. There's a reason for this - Ram has been setting standards not just in engineering, towing capacity and pure torque power, but also in safety and redefining the standards for comfort. With crew-cab pickups, you can seat up to five people in most of these, with often up to 40 inches of leg room. Modern, opulent interior accents and seating that you'd expect from a luxury coupe, not a hard-working pickup, round out the benefits of Ram trucks. Come to Summit Automotive, your Wisconsin Ram dealer, to learn more about our powerful pickup lineup.




Ford quite literally invented the automobile as we know it. This isn't hyperbole, it's history. For well over a century, Ford has been defining the automotive industry, and that's not going to change any time soon. Ford, like Dodge, is a piece of American history, and am emblem of pride. Ford means quality, power, and dependability across a wide range of vehicle classes. Come on out and explore our new Ford trucks, SUVs, and sedans today at our Ford dealership.


With all of these unbeatable brands, we guarantee that the perfect vehicle for you is waiting for you to discover here at Summit Automotive. You just need to come see for yourself!